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We’ve all been there. Where exactly? That place where you keep going back to what ends up hurting you. Where you keep silencing your gut feeling that tells you this isn’t the way it’s supposed to be. Where you sell yourself short and settle. Where you mistake all these little “signs” for there being some type of destiny between you and someone else. Trust your heart and your instincts, but know how to read your emotions clearly. Sometimes, your emotions can play tricks on you and make you not think clearly. I always say, what is meant for you, is meant for you. Never force a situation with someone else when it is clearly over or just can’t work out. If someone wants to be with you, remember this, they will move mountains to be with you… whether it be romantic or friendship. Try not to get caught in a vicious love cycle like the one I described in the beginning. Those cycles can be taxing on oneself and time-consuming. Easier said than done, I know, especially when you are in love. But life is too short to continue to go back to someone who doesn’t feel the same or something that just doesn’t work. Relationships are never easy… but they shouldn’t be painful either. Just because you still love and miss someone, doesn’t make it a sign that you are supposed to be together. There is only one thing that determines that and it is TIME. Time reveals all.



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