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A friend and I were talking about a mutual friend today and how he deals with life. It was a good reminder about how we should always make peace with things that happen to us. When he hears others complain about anxiety, stress or panic… he has no idea what they are going through (the anxious and stressful feelings). He says he has never experienced the feelings of anxiety or stress… he just takes everything in stride. Of course he gets frustrated at times, but then shrugs it off like water off a duck’s back. This isn’t some rich kid or person that lives in the lap of luxury either. He is older and has been through LIFE, all aspects of it. I guess what he does is he just accepts the situation for what it is and if he can’t do anything to better it then he just lets it be as is and moves forward. Too many of us get hung up on over analyzing what went wrong here or there and try to figure out ways to change the past rather than accept things for what they are and move forward. I think if we let go a little and were more accepting of the reality of things instead of the illusion of what we want, life would be significantly better. You would spend more time being happier rather than stressing all day about things outside of your control. When we encounter stressful situations we need to try to take a deep breath, figure if we can change anything about it, if not, then make peace with it and move on. Next time you get stressed out or have anxiety, try to pass on the antidepressants and alcohol and try this good ol’ fashioned method. Try two times and call me in the morning. :)